Benefits of Entering Material Data on BuildSystem Web
  • BuildSystem web has a large database of materials, manufacturers, catalogues and vendors for building construction projects.
  • All materials have 8-digit codes based on MasterFormat coding system.
  • MasterFormat assists in organizing, sorting and retrieving the material data for estimating, tendering and procurement.
  • MasterFormat is an internationally accepted coding system for construction materials. It was introduced 50 years ago. The entire construction industry in USA and Canada uses it.
  • ASTM Standard E20129-10 is organized according to MasterFormat to promote consistency in evaluation of building products.
  • IPMG has an email database of 50,000 construction agencies comprising project owners, builders, architects, engineers and contractors.
  • IPMG is regularly sending mailers to construction agencies regarding use of material data on BuildSystem web.
  • On BuildSystem web, in level 4 of MasterFormat, catalogue pages are precise, open faster and all the material data is displayed on one page.
  • Manufacturers can highlight to construction agencies that their catalogues are available on BuildSystem web.
  • Construction agencies can contact manufacturers for procurement of materials.
  • The material data of manufacturers on BuildSystem web is free of cost.

Manufacturers can
login on BuildSystem web and enter/ update their material data to include materials, catalogues, vendors and contact information.

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