Shri. S. B. Mookherjee
Minister of State
Statistics & Programme Implementation,
Planning, Atomic Energy, Space
and Commerce & Industry
Government of India
New Delhi
The last decade has seen our country take giant strides in development. Infrastructure and construction industry are integral part of this development process. The 10th Plan envisages a growth of 8% in the GDP. This requires development of infrastucture projects in power, road (highways and rural road connectivity), telecommunications, petroleum exploration and refining, railways, irrigation sectors, etc. at a faster pace. The role of the construction industry in the infrastructure development is well recognised. It is imperative that the performance of these industries should be not only at par with the technological advances, but also match the efficiency of the modern management practice.

Another important factor is the integration of the Indian economy with the global economy, through the processes of liberalisation and globalisation. This has enabled many multinational organisation to participate in the process of development, both directly and in collaboration with local firms. In this context, the need for a level playing field,common and consistent parameters, reliable cost databases cannot be overlooked. The Government's objectives of minimising time and cost overruns, maximising quality and optimising the utilisation of resources can be achieved through standardisation of cost estimation procedures.

In this background, the publication BuildCOST: Building Construction Cost Data (Book + CD), is a welcome step. For an industry, which has largely relied on an unorganised schedule of rates, this would be a giant leap forward. This book has itemised works under 16 divisions, based on the internationally accepted MasterFormat system, which most of the multinationals currently operating in India are familiar with. The 16 divisions cover the entire range of activities in the construction industry, including electrical, mechanical and air-conditioning, amongst others.

This book facilitates easy referencing by the client organisations, architects , consultants and the constructors. It would enable the development of in-house databases by minimising the efforts for every new project or venture. Moreover, the concomitant CD provides enough flexibility to add, wherever required, items which are special in nature or specific to any region. This would be updated on an yearly basis initially, but subsequently on a quarterly basis. This will help cost estimation of construction projects at the prevalent prices

My heartly congratulations to Integrated Project Management Group (IPMG) and Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited for publishing BuildCOST, which I believed will prove to be a powerful tool of immense use to the clients, consultants, and the project owners, both in the public and private sectors. This will add a 'new quality dimension' in project management in the country. I hope that the construction industry will, by and large, benefit from this publication
Dated : 1st July, 2003 S. B. MOOKHERJEE

      Shri. K. C. Pant
Deputy Chairman
Planning Commission
Govt. of India

Construction is an important part of the nation’s infrastructure and industrial development. Construction activities cover a wide spectrum and constitute a basic input for socio-economic development. Besides, the construction sector generates substantial employment. With the present thrust on creation of infrastructure facilities, massive investment has been planned.  A major part of this investment  will be accounted for by construction activities. The construction sector will, therefore, play a crucial role in our development process, and it has to gear itself up to the measure up to the emerging challenges.

  There are two major challenges before the construction industry. Firstly, there is a need to improve the competitiveness of the sector through measures aimed at reduction in cost and upgradation of quality. Secondly, Construction activities in general incur time and cost over-runs. One of the important reasons for this weakness is poor project formulation which in turn is due to the fact that the details are often ignored at the preparatory stage

“I have glanced through the publication “Build COST - Building Construction Cost Data”. I have no doubt that it will prove to be a very useful practical guide for all those involved in formulation, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of construction projects.

I congratulate Integrated Project Management Group and Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited for bringing out this publication ”.
Dated : 24th July, 2003    

 Shri. Arun Jaitley
   Union Minister Commerce & Industry
Govt. of India

“I have no doubt that BuildCOST will prove to be a powerful tool of immense use for all those involved in formulation, implementation evaluation and monitoring of construction projects. 

I complement Integrated Project Management Group (IPMG) and Tata Mc-GrawHill Publishing Company Ltd. for bringing out this publication. ”

Dated : 1st September, 2003

Shri. Bandaru Dattatraya
 Minister of State
Urban Developement
Govt. of India
“The compilation & analysis of Building Construction Cost Data, commonly known as Schedules of rates have generally been in the domain of the Government Public Works Departments in the Country.

I am happy to see that a Private Sector entity like the Integrated Project Management Group (IPMG) has brought out a publication titled, "BuildCOST : Building Construction Cost Data" which covers the entire range of activities in the Construction Industry, including electrical, mechanical and air-conditioning works. Based on the internationally accepted MasterFormat System, and being available on an electronic platform, BuildCOST will benefit the Construction Industry in the country.

I congratulate the Integrated Project Management Group in this laudable endeavour.

Dated : 26th September, 2003 


Smt. Sheila Dikshit
Chief Minister
Govt. Of National Territory Of Delhi
Old Secretariat, Delhi- 110054
I am happy to learn that the Integrated Project Management Group has conceived and developed building construction cost data and based on it, is bringing out a comprehensive book and CD for use by interested groups and individuals.

I appreciate the efforts made by IPMG and Tata McGraw Hill and wish their forthcoming publication all success.
Dated : 4th August, 2003    

Shri. Tarun Das
Director General
Confederation of Indian Industry
“ Against this backdrop, I am delighted to note that the Integrated Project Management Group (IPMG) and Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company has launched the BuildCOST - Building Construction Cost Data, which includes the costs of items in the entire gamut of the building construction industry.

I am sure this publication could be of immense help in making estimates & managing the cost of the projects. ”
Dated : 12th August, 2003    

Shri. Deepak Parekh
Housing Development Finance Corporation

“Standardisation is the key. The industry needs to rise to the occasion to meet the emerging challenges, by enhancing productivity, introducing new technology, developing a comprehensive market data on construction activity, adapting best management practices and modernisation.

I am happy to note that the Integrated Project Management Group (IPMG) and Tata McGraw Hill are publishing 'BuildCOST' based on MasterFormat which is a scientific costing manual based on the international practice for costing and estimation developed with inputs from top consultants in several fields. This, I am sure, will serve as a useful guide for all those involved in the industry of building and construction projects and will also help enhance communication across the industry.

My congratulations to all those involved in this marathon project and best wishes for the future. ”

Dated : 26th September, 2003