Why Use BuildSystem?
13 Digit Coding System : 
  • All materials, equipments, labour and items of work in BuildSystem web and software have 13-digit codes, in levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, based on MasterFormat and R.S. Means coding systems.

  • MasterFormat is an internationally accepted coding system for construction resources. It was introduced 50 years ago. The entire construction industry in USA and Canada uses it.

  • Through the 13-digit coding system, all schedules of rates from different sources such as IPMG, CPWD, State PWDs, Railways, MORTH, Users, etc. come on a common digital platform for linking with manufacturers and vendors for updated rates of materials for estimating, tendering and procurement. 

IPMG Material Cost Database on BuildSystem Web 
  • IPMG has developed a material cost database of over 90,000 materials from price lists and catalogues of manufacturers on BuildSystem web.

  • Users can send inquires to manufacturers and vendors for updated rates of materials in different cities. IPMG shall contact the manufacturers and vendors for providing updated rates to users.

  • Users can send inquiries to IPMG for adding rates of new materials and manufacturers. 

DSR Material Rates on BuildSystem Web : 
  • BuildSystem web has updated rates of DSR materials from manufacturers and vendors.

  • Users can send inquiries to manufacturers and vendors for quoted rates based on quantities.

Items of Work and Analysis on BuildSystem Web : 
  • BuildSystem web has schedules of rates (items of work and analysis) of IPMG, CPWD DSR (Civil, Electrical and Horticulture) and MORTH (Roads).

  • IPMG's schedule of rates has 5200 items of work with analysis relating to civil, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and interiors.

  • Schedules of rates of different PWDs can be added.

Modules in BuildSystem Software : 
  • All databases from BuildSystem web have been downloaded in BuildSystem software. These databases can be updated in the software from web.

  • BuildSystem software has modules for quantity take-off, estimating and tendering.
  • In quantity take-off, items of work from BuildSystem software have been entered in Revit (design software) and linked with drawing elements. The quantities have been digitally taken out and imported in BuildSystem software for estimating.
  • Users can import their materials and items of work in BuildSystem software.

Services for Collecting and Providing Rates of Materials : 
  • IPMG can provide services for collecting and providing rates of materials of DSR and users.

  • IPMG can also provide services for 13-digit coding of construction materials.